Ayurvedic Products

Sometime in 1956, the Mother expressed her wish to start an Ayurvedic dispensary. She sent a message to a devotee in Gujarat, who was an Ayurvedic doctor, “Tell him I shall be very happy if he comes here and takes up this work. I like this system more than allopathy.

In response to this call he came to settle down permanently in the Ashram and started started the Ayurvedic Section 22nd Feb, 1957. On that occasion the Mother gave the following message: “In this new activity, the knowledge of the past must be illumined by the revelation of today.” Today the Ayurvedic Section is noted for its organised and systematic methods of preparing medicines and treating diseases. Its patent preparations such as jeevan-kesari, sudarshan churna, drakshadi vati and dantamanjan are highly appreciated and are sold in various Sri Aurobindo Centres of India. Out-patients requiring special treatment can visit the Ayurvedic Section for consultation.

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