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This eCommerce website is being developed for the manufacturing units of the commercial trusts and some of the products can be ordered online from “Our Shop” option on the navigation bar. Inmates of Sri Aurobindo Ashram work in these units for practising Nishkam Karma, the way of  the Bhagavad Gita, along with the Works of Knowledge, the Works of Love and finally the Works of the Will in Life. Some of the units of the Trusts are listed below. The units which have a website are given in CAPS and a link is provided to browse the site.

The Mother had opened a shop called SAACSO, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Central Sales Organisation, which was closed down because Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust was advised not to carry on any commercial activity. We would like to carry forward the vision of the Mother to have a Central Sales Organisation for the commercial Trusts..

The name given by the Mother, therefore, has been  modified to SACSO which stands for Sri Aurobindo Central Sales Organisation and the purpose of the website is to display and sell online products of the manufacturing units of the commercial Trusts, whose one of the beneficiary is Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust.

To see the products and place an order online, move the mouse on “Our Shop” option on the navigation bar and then move the mouse over to the name of the manufacture whose products you would like to see and have and then right click the mouse. The list of the products of that manufacturer will be displayed. Then add the item that you would like to have to your cart. 

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Adan Pradan Trust
No.56, Manakula Vinayar Street,
Next to Sri Aurobindo Ashram Atelier Workshop
Pondicherry – 605 001

Email addresses:

ICICI Savings Bank
A/c No. 005601024962
IFCS Code ICIC0000056
No. 47, Mission Street
Puducherry – 605 001




Adan Pradan Trust

SACSO Online is a unit of Adan Pradan Trust. Adan Pradan means Mutual Exchange.

Adan Pradan Trust was established in the year 1992 in a Declaration of Trust between Shri Manoj Das Gupta, present Managing Trustee, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Pondicherry and three members of the Ashram as trustees. The first Managing Trustee was Shri R. K. Talwar, who was formerly the Chairman of State Bank of India.

It is a charitable institution and not a profit making body. The primary beneficiary of the trust is Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. It was started for exporting products manufactured by the units of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Harpagon Workshop Trust.  

The organisation is registered with the Government of Pondicherry as a Small Scale Industry for the development and export of software.

Our Trustees and Adviser