Laboratoires Senteurs

Laboratoires Senteurs was started in a tiny room in 1958, with the sole objective of providing the Mother with ‘Friction de Foucaud’ – a lotion that she preferred using. Post- Independence, importing this perfume from France became highly impossible. The firm which manufactured the lotion suggested that the Ashram import the basic essence and prepare the lotion locally. Thus, the manufacturing of the lotion began in the laboratory and soon other perfumes and toilet products followed.
Today, Laboratories Senteurs continues to manufacture its own ‘Friction’ as a skin freshener; unsurprisingly, it is one of its most popular products. Under the Mother’s personal guidance and the sadhaks’ devotional urge, Laboratoires Senteurs went progressively on. It manufactures a variety of colognes, perfumes, essential oils and skin care products made with same commitment to purity of ingredients and devotion to service.

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